RiskTrace is a Real Time intelligent image analysis software application, utilizing Security Cameras to analyze the work environment for added security and safety. RiskTrace is a series of modular products which help ensure the highest level of job health, safety and security, while successfully measuring and reporting work progress performance.

Each module has been carefully developed for solving various problems in virtually any environment, utilizing the latest state-of-the-art image processing techniques, infusing neural networks and a deep learning algorithm (artificial intelligence).


•Face Recognition with Very Deep Neural Networks
•Personal Protective Equipment recognition

•People who enter a specific area or site are automatically recognized.
•Employee Work hours are automatically calculated. Each employee indicates their arrival and departures by passing in front of a camera situated in a designated area.
•Any and all required Personal protective equipment (PPE) is automatically checked and verified, a job safety score is automatically calculated and recorded.
•Access of various staff to restricted areas can be controlled automatically by cameras to limit entrance to designated individuals or group members, creating virtual boundaries as required or indicated. This drastically reduces the loss of materials (by restricting access to storage areas) and/or access to unsafe areas only to restricted only to qualified personnel.


•Advanced Human detection and Emotion recognition utilizing DNN along with Tensorflow
•Vehicle Detection and Classification through advanced Deep Neural Network (DNN)
•Automate functions such as Classification, Object Detection, and transfer learning with convolutional neural networks (CNNs, or ConvNets)

•RiskTrace instantly notifies you if a person or vehicle is detected in the specified zone or area. RiskTrace will constantly monitor specific targeted regions, allowing for a much sagfer environment. Auto alerts can be set depending on your specific needs and/or requirements.
•RiskTrace constantly monitors the area, and immediately generates warning signals in cases where people and/or vehicles come too close to each other or an object, significantly reducing workplace accidents while increasing overall employee and workplace safety.
•RiskTrace helps recognize any potential risks in advance by generating warnings in hazardous situations such as fire, smoke, human density, sparks, or any special indicator.


•Facial Recognition with Very Deep Neural Networks
•Human and Emotion recognition using DNN with Tensorflow
•Vehicle Detection and Classification using DNN
•Tracking Detected Objects by DNN

•RiskTrace tracks the operator of the equipment to verify that he/she is authorized to utilize the specific equipment
•RiskTrace calculates operator and equipment productivity, performance and efficiencies by measuring and tracking the movements people and machinery
•RiskTrace automatically detects and tracks people and other vehicles in the vicinity around the equipment; RiskTrace instantly generates warnings in cases they are too close in proximity to the machine according to distances to other objects.