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Hikvision Performance Series Thermal Cameras make advanced thermal imaging features affordable, including thermal imaging-based fire detection, temperature monitoring and DeepinView thermal intrusion detection.

Thermal video is effective in daylight, complete darkness, rain, fog, smoke, and in conditions with blinding light and moving shadows. Thermal imaging makes it easy for security professionals to spot warmer and cooler objects in contrast to surroundings. DeepinView technology distinguishes humans and vehicles from other objects moving in or out of specified areas. Thermal imaging makes the technology more effective, and significantly reduces false alarms.

The bi-spectrum thermal-optical models also provide full HD color video with IR illumination, combining the best detection and identification capabilities. Key benefits include:

  • Superior Visibility and Image Stability
  • Outstanding Intrusion Detection
  • Prevention of Equipment Failure with Temperature Monitoring
  • Fire Prevention with Temperature Monitoring and Advanced Fire Detection

To learn more about the Performance Thermal product line, download a copy of the flyer here.

Hikvision won a 2019 ESX Innovation Award for the third consecutive year with the Performance Thermal-Optical turret camera, an award that recognizes “Innovation and Excellence in the Industry.” See the HikWire blog post and press release about this achievement.Company NewsProduct Announcement