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Hubbell; Proclick LC fiber connector 62.5 um multimode pre-polished and epoxyless, pack of 12 connectors

Hubbell’s new PROclick™ pre-polished SC and LC fiber connectors are a
reliable, low cost field termination solution, eliminating adhesives and polishing.
Hubbell’s PROclick™ pre-polished SC and LC connectors provide a quick,
simple termination method, featuring a pre-installed cleaved fiber with an
index-matching splice mechanism, and a precision factory pre-polished
zirconia ceramic ferrule. Smooth fiber feed, and a micron-precision fiber
alignment mechanism ensures a low loss, high yield termination.

Utilizing a proven fiber clamping method, PROclick™ SC and LC connectors
perform under extreme temperatures specified in Telcordia GR-326 standards.
Termination can be completed in less than 1 minute. Simply insert the cleaved
fiber into the connector, hold in place, and remove the wedge clip to close the
fiber clamp. VFL confirmation after termination may be performed to assure
optimum fiber mating inside the splice element. 



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