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iViewer 03



Digital Door Viewer

Increase the security of your home!
Protect yourself from unwanted visitors!
Transform the image of poor quality you see from your peephole door, into an image of high quality on an LCD screen of 2.8 “. Always know who is on the other side of your door!

Technical Features


The main access point to your home is the main entrance.

Even if you already have the traditional door viewer, they use a fixed focal point and the image gets blurred.

In some cases like children due to its height cannot see through the traditional viewfinder or with people that have difficulty of view, the identification of who is at their door gets more difficult. The traditional door viewer also allows the person who is outside to view into your house. With iViewer03, the image is improved thanks to its high-performance digital camera allowing a perfect view through the inside LCD with high image quality. The iViewer03 allows a complete confidentiality when seeing who is outside, it also expands the viewing angle with perfect clarity and helps you identify in safety who is on the outside of your door.




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