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Mini Power


• PoE extender over coax
• Standard: IEEE 802.3af
• Speed: 10/100 Mbps, full duplexer
• Cable: RG59/RG6 video-grade coaxial cable or above
• Power Consumption: TX <=1W , RX<=2.5W
• Class 3 powered device available
• Output/Input Interface: BNC connector



The EnConn Power over Ethernet extender (PoE) – mini power is a “PoE extender over coax” solution.
By using novel RF technology, it can extend the transmission distance of power and 100Mbps Ethernet data.
Over 200~300m (650~980ft) RG6 video-grade coax cable & 100m UTP in RX.

Application Diagram:


Connector Mini-Power Tx: 1 RJ-45 female connector (PoE in) with 1 BNC female connector (Out) / Mini-Power Rx: 1 BNC female connector (In) with 1 RJ-45 female connector (Out)
Coaxial Cable RG59, RG6 75 ohm video grade Coaxial cable
Standard IEEE 802.3af/at or Pre-at
Speed 10/100Mbps for full duplexer
Transmission Distance 10Mpbs : 250m @ RG59 / 300m @RG6 / 100Mpbs: 150m @ RG59 /200m @RG6
Powered by PoE YES
Input Operating Voltage Mini-Power Tx: 42~57 VDC / Mini-Power Rx: 37~57 VDC
Output Voltage Mini-Power Tx: 42~57 VDC / Mini-Power Rx: 36~56 VDC
Max Operating Current Mini-Power Tx: 0.75A / Mini-Power Rx: 0.75A
Power Consumption Mini-Power Tx: Zero / Mini-Power Rx: <=3W
Enclosure Material Mini-Power Tx: Zink alloy / Mini-Power Rx: Aluminum alloy
Dimensions Mini-Power Tx: 40mm x 32mm x 20mm / Mini-Power Rx: 90 mm x 55mm x 26.5 mm
Operating Temp. -10 to +60 degree C


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