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Projects That Makes A Difference

We look for opportunities and new projects to invest into. We are currently working on 4Power & Macroscop projects and you can see details of the products aside. Our experienced team consistently seek  for the products that makes sense to introduce to consumers.

What is 4power?

4Power generator is one-of-a kind power generator in the market that draws energy from 4 different renewable energy sources simultaneously

It uses Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with solar units. It is combined with a permanent magnet motor and uses static energy for battery charging or grid connection.

The rotor is suspended with levitation principles which give 4Power a long life span
with least maintenance.



  • Consistent energy flow regardless of weather. Even in the absence of wind, permanent magnets will be providing a rotational energy flow to the turbine all the time. It will turn faster in slower wind speeds and achieve its rated power output at lowest wind speeds unlike any other wind energy products.
  • Bigger power output in the same area occupied when compared with any other “green energy” product.


  • Uses upwards air flow created by pressure difference as well as lateral air flow while the regular wind turbines use only direct wind.
  • Less area required to build wind farms because of less interaction between two units.
  • Ability to effectively capture turbulent winds which are typical in urban settings, especially in built-up areas. As a comparison, the most common renewable energy generators, Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (HAWT) are only effective in laminar wind flow.
  • Self starting by means of permanent magnet force and magnetic suspension even in lowest wind speeds.
  • Operation at lower rotational speeds, thereby reducing or eliminating turbine vibration and noise. As a result, the turbine works well on rooftops, making them particularly useful in residential and urban environments. They may also be built in locations where taller structures are prohibited by law.
  • The generator, gearbox and other components may be placed on the ground or rooftop, so the tower doesn’t need to support it and it is more accessible for maintenance. This means easier and less expensive repair and maintenance and saving of tower cost.
  • No need for a yaw mechanism to face the blade rotor into veering wind directions so, no orientation parts to maintain.
  • Durability and reliability working in multi-directional wind. The turbine


Intelligent Modules

In order to expand the functionality of the video surveillance system, you may connect intelligent modules to Macroscop IP camera software.

  • People counting
  • Face detection
  • Interactive object search & interception
  • Tracking
  • Heat map
  • Queue control
  • Smoke and fire detection
  • Fish-eye dewarping
  • Car number plate recognition (LPR or ANPR)
  • Face recognition
  • PTZ camera control
  • Audio stream processing
  • Personnel activity control
  • Left luggage detection
  • Loud sound detection


What is Macroscop?

Macroscop is a software for IP video surveillance systems, intelligent modules, and network video recorders. With Macroscop, you may build a system with an unlimited number of any kind of IP cameras. The software package is easy to layout, install, set up, and service. By using Macroscop for your IP cameras, you may use a number of mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and WinPhone free of charge.


About the Product

Macroscop IP Video Surveillance Software

Macroscop is an Open-Platform Video Management Software (VMS) with the added intelligence of video analytics and network video recorders (NVR). Currently over 14 000 video surveillance systems are successfully running with Macroscop all over the world. Macroscop will allow you to build a scalable system with an unlimited  number of IP cameras, servers and workstations. Every license includes full, unrestricted VMS functionality.

Mаcroscop ML

A great solution for creating smaller systems with up to 20 IP cameras.

Free PTZ
Free Audio Broadcast
Free  Auto Zoom
Free Movement detection
Free Sabotage Detection Module
Free Loud Sound Detector

The ML version does not support  other intelligent modules.

Macroscop LS

The version for creating IP video surveillance systems of 1 to 400 IP cameras.

Free  Auto Zoom
Free Movement detection
Free Sabotage Detection Module
Free Loud Sound Detector

The LS version allows you to connect your choice of intelligent modules to any quantity of cameras.

Macroscop ST

This version permits an unlimited number of IP cameras to be connected to a video surveillance system.

Free  Auto Zoom
Free Movement detection
Free Sabotage Detection Module
Free Loud Sound Detector
Free Face detection Module
Free Interactive Search and Interception Module
Free Left Luggage Module
Free Tracking Module

Other modules may be connected to an unlimited number of IP cameras.

Quick installation

No special admin or programming skills are required to install Macroscop. Initial installation and set-up of Macroscop should not take more than 10 minutes.

Four times more

Exclusive compressed video analysis technology quadruples data processing speeds by virtue of not needing to decode the stream. You can either save on computer equipment or just install more cameras on the server.


Macroscop IP video surveillance software has been tested by time and proven its stability in many real-world facilities, to which the positive feedback we receive from both installers and users attests.

User-friendly Interface

The Macroscop IP camera monitoring interface is intuitive for any user, permits quick system configuration for any number of servers and IP cameras, and instantly finds any information required for the specified parameters.


Macroscop IP camera control software works with any IP camera (more than 3,000 models from over 140 brands, ONVIF support). There is no limit to how large your system can be. Integrating an access control and management system and fire and alarm system into Macroscop brings the entire security system into a unified control center.

Mobile Apps

Watch video from cameras via the free mobile apps we’ve created for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or your web browser from anywhere in the world.

Typical tasks

Macroscop VMS offers a wide range of complete and ready-to-use industry solutions that meet your video surveillance system requirements and peculiar features. Here you can find out more about your industry’s standard tasks and have a look at sample solutions that Macroscop professional IP camera software is ready to provide.

See off-the-shelf solution for different fields


Equipment and restricted-access building security. Traffic control. Staff monitoring. Identifying the cause of incidents.


Security along the perimeter. Vehicle access. Emergency response. Unified monitoring center.


Security along the perimeter. Vehicle access. Emergency response. Unified monitoring center.


Accurate statistics on the number of visitors to a store. Cash register monitoring. Reliable video monitoring of warehouse and secondary premises.


Improve bank efficiency. Scan for criminal activity. Traffic control. Discover staff errors.


Provide round-the-clock video surveillance of entrance points, parking lots, playgrounds, elevator lobbies, and stairwells.