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Web-based Contact Center Management

User experience: as-easy-as using any Web page.

Team-based Call Management

Competence-based Supervisor and Agent Management

Multi-Language support

Defining unlimited number of queues

Defining unlimited number of Agents per queue

To become a point of contact which is;·

Customer focused

Working independently from time and space

Providing solutions based on productivity

Why Tegsoft?
Our expertise:

Focusing R&D to develop innovative solutions according to the new trends in Contact Centers

Our Power: Technological Infrastructure

The infrastructure of Tegsoft products is prepared by choosing the most updated technologies and products. With the goal of providing high quality, hardware-independent structure; Tegsoft uses IBM DB2 as database, CentOS as Operating System and Enterprise Java as software development platform in its products.

Tesgsoft is now a new member of Electrosa Group.

We’re looking for new dealers, if any interest please contact with Electrosa Group…….

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